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Welcome to Gigar Trading

We are one of the leading companies in Ethiopia, engaged in importing and distributing of different latest brand new Garage Equipment.
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For information on our service and other related issues that we provide like machinery equipment and supplies here is our full address and location of our office & maintenance sites.
4th Floor DAMA House Building / Ledeta, KK 19872 / Addis Ababa +251 (0) 11 551 82 67


We are global leader in premium automotive service products such as two-post lifts, four-post lifts, vehicle lifts & more...
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We are mainly known for manufacturing paint booths for vehicles, for both large(heavy) and small vehicles.
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HAZET tools are well known for their professional full kit tools for garages workers.
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One of the best known tools HITACHI power tools is now provided by Gigar trading & Technical Center!
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HAZET Top Garage Facilities

Let us make you have the best equipment. We are the official importer for the products of HAZET garage products. HAZET product is well known for vehicle machinery products specially garage equipment. In addition From the simple drilling machine up to automatically controlled CNC turning and milling centres, HAZET’s complex machinery allows each kind of metal-removing procedure. The finishing step for each tool is the treatment in an environmentally-acceptable galvanic chromium-nickel coating installation which lends the HAZET quality tools a noble look and also protects them lastingly from corrosion.
  • LED lamps | lights
  • Supplementary tool
  •   Trolley Tool
  • Pneumatic tools | machinery
  •   Tool modules
  • Thread roll tools
  • Torque technology
  • Reversible ratchets | Sockets
  • Screwdrivers | bits
  • Wrenches

Heavy Trucks 95%
Petrol Trucks 75%
Taxi/Transportation Vehicles 85%
House Vehicles 72%
Public Transportation Buses 95%
Construction Vehicles 87%

GIGAR Trading & Technical Center.