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We are one of the leading companies in Ethiopia. Since our recognition by the Ethiopian government in 1984, we have transformed the company in to one of the most advanced import export facilities in the country using the latest technologies incorporating high efficiency and relentless concern for the environment, we are able to offer a highly competitive and diversified product range that has made our suppliers leaders in Europe and the more...


BEND PAK / Ranger Inc. / Country of origin U.S.A /
OPW / Country of origin U.S.A /
STONE EQUIPMENT/ country of origin U.S.A /
TOMAD INTERNATIONAL INC. / Country of Origin U.S.A /
ALPINE ARMORING INC. / Country of origin U.S.A /
BRITISH TURNTABLE C. LTD / Country of origin UK /
SEALY POWER PRODUCTS / Country of origin England
ELECTROLUX / Country of origin Sweden /
OMIA / Country of origin France /
VITEQ (Country of origin Spain)
STENHOJ / Country of origin Denmark /
GOVONI / LUBRITEC / Country of origin Italy /
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